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Annual Dirty Santa Gift Exchange Party

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Dirty Santa Game Rules (Dirty doesn’t mean adult toys!  The better the gifts, the more fun the game will be)

  • Bring a wrapped gift valued at $25 or more- the better the gift, the better the game!  You want to bring something you think most people would want to fight over!
  • Before starting, everyone draws a number from a hat. The slips of paper are numbered one through the number of people participating. The person with #1 starts the game.
  • The game begins once #1 selects a gift from the pile (after much thought and deliberation, of course), opens it, and shows it to everyone.
  • The person who drew #2 then goes and has the option to steal #1’s gift (aka “Dirty Santa”) or pick a different gift from the pile. This continues with each person having the chance to steal or choose a wrapped gift.
    • A gift can be stolen no more than three times. Once a gift has been stolen three times, the gift is “dead” and can no longer be stolen.
    • A gift can also only be stolen once per turn. For example, if person #17’s gift was stolen, and they steal from person #5, then person #5 cannot steal the gift that was taken from #17.
    • If your gift is stolen, you can’t steal it right back. You can steal another gift or choose from the pile.
  • When all the gifts have been opened, the person who drew #1 has the option to steal a gift (since they did not have any gifts to steal initially). After they steal a gift (as long as it isn’t “dead”) or decides to keep their gift, the game is over.